Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Life :)


startin' this Monday i'll be at new place, far from home..
cuz i'll continue my study at UCSA in MBBS (Degree in Medicine) :)
at the same time, i feel like cryin' >> have to go away from my sis and brother...

i hate to be emotional ~

watever it is, i am to get this offer, meet new buddies there...
and of course learn something new !

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Profiling Day


21st September 2012
this friday!
Profiling Day for MBBS :)
interview session will be on tat day too.

wish me luck !
for muslims, doa for me :)
tanx a LOTz!!!

I am Me :)


right now = looking like a zombie that seems hungry for some flesh :)
im sleepy so i think this enough for now .

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sleep in Class ??


r u the kind of person tat always sleep in class?
in other mean, 
classroom = bedroom :)
i know some of u always do this LOLz!

actually it happen to me too 
usually i never sleep in my class at school but at my college last year it looks like im "addicted" in class-sleeping session haha
idk why....

  • the air-cond. is below 16ÂșC
  • the class too quiet

is this happen for real??
watever it is, make sure u get enough sleep buddy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

CrediTS For YOU !!


dont want to talk much 
*lips covered with blood*

i wanna thanKs to :

for giving such a Fresh Meat to eat until i am "good" enough to build this diary mansion :D

if someones going to be kind-hearted to give me anything,
ur name also will be Floated Up here LOLz!

Spagetty Patty :D


it is just a normal spagetty :)

  • my favourite Italian food
  • my mom's cookin' is better than PizzaHut :D
  • rich of tomato taste!
u love it too?? 

or not?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bloglist HASRULHASSAN.COM | 200 Blog Terawal Sahaja!


do U want UR BLOG get into HASRULHASSAN's bloGlist????

only for first 200 Blog !!
if u want to JOIN, 

here's whatchu need to do in order to join :
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benefit from this act :
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scary Spongebob


watever it is, Spongebob never reveal himself ~
u always saw him like this rite ?

Lame Trick


remember this trick? 
when u turn a paper upside down and see two different faces ?
used to be my trick in "once upon a time " :)

and this image of male too :)

See The DIFFERENCE? haha 

Fresh Meat To Eat :)


it is not a Meat~
but still fresh from oven to eat Lolz!
udk what is this???
its cupcake, i mean minicupcake :D
my mum bake it last night and I Decoratin' it 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012



This is FIRST SEGMEN i'm in :) 

Simple Rulez to join :
::::: u MUST have a blog :)
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Wachu gonna do :
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"Curi-Curi Suka" Giveaway!


first GA :)
winners will be chosen randomly and if u LUCKY enough u'll get this 
"Curi-Curi Suka" novel !
eventhough i am not really into reading novel (comic instead ^__^), 
i just do this for my mum lolz

quotes from the novel:
"Diam-diam jiwa merindu, Senyap-senyap hati terpaut"

just follow his blog

easy !
wanna join? click the picha above !

DUE DATE : 16 September 2012
WINNERS : will be announced on 18 September 2012 :)

Your "Once Upon A Time"


take a Look!
i bet u'll say 
"  e'eh~  "

thanks for watchin'!!

Show Your Teeth!


is important to keep u healthy in aLL time w/o troubling anyone unless u smile like this:
haha! kidding!!

just show ur teeth~
something "miracle" will happen :)
TrusT me LoLz!!

its okay if u dont have any...
but still its cute rite???

Monday, September 10, 2012

Replace CommentBox with Disqus


meet again!
i am now using disqus instead of usual commentbox :)

u can connect with any commenters tru twitter / faceBook / googLe+ / disqus itseLf 
give it a try~ 
u'll lose NoThing :)

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Entering Your Soul


**Shadow Gurlz**
**hunting for FRESH MEAT**
**likely i dont have a fixed body, sometimes big sometimes bigger haha**
**will be ur buddy if u can share some BLOOD with me**
**by reading this, i will entering ur soul by now**